Q:  Where does Miracle League of ACTX hold games?


A:  Games will be held at Clark Park in Bellville, Tx.  The address to Clark Park is 650 N. Holland St., Bellville, Tx 77418.


Q:  When are Miracle League of ACTX games held?


A:  Games are held on Sundays, at either 3:00 P.M. or 4:00 P.M.  Games typically last approximately one hour.  Please see the Calendar for specific game dates.


Q:  When are practices held?


A:  Our League does not hold practices.  The only meeting times will be for games.


Q:  How are Miracle League games played?


A:  All games are 2 innings in length.  Most games will be coach pitch, but certainly a tee or other accomodation may be used to suit the individual batter's abilities.  Each player will get to bat at least once each inning.  Every player has a "Buddy" who is there to help them and also to cheer them on.  Every player is safe on bases.  Each player will get to round the bases and score a run each inning.  The goal of a Miracle League game is to have fun, and give the players a positive experience.


Q:  What is included in my registration fee?


A:  Each Player will receive a team shirt and hat.


Q:  Is there an age requirement to register to play?


A:  We never want to turn someone away who would benefit from playing.  Children as young as two have registered.  If we have a significant number of adults who register, the League will be split into youth and adult divisions.


Q:  Is there an age requirement to be a Buddy?


A:  There is not a specific age requirement.  Generally Buddies will be at least 9 years old or older.  All persons volunteering who are over the age of 18 will be subject to a criminal background check for the safety of our players.


Q:  Do I need to live in Austin County to participate?


A:  No.  Miracle League of ACTX is open to residents of Austin County and all surrounding communities.




Frequently Asked Questions

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